Our Lalaloopsy 3rd Birthday Party

Photo CollageAfter months of planning, last Sunday was Mimmy’s 3rd birthday party. Lucky for us, although it had rained in the early hours, by the time the party was in full swing at lunchtime, the warm winter sunshine was out in full glory.

There was a jumping castle, tricycles, stickers, play-doh and sports equipment to keep the kids busy for hours! To eat, there were sandwiches, candy, caramel popcorn, fairy floss, button-shaped lollipops and gingerbread cookies…oh, and the most delicious vanilla-flavoured cake with strawberry frosting by Bunnykitchens – complete with a handmade Pillow Featherbed, Sheep and some bedtime stories. The kids had a ball!

What will next year’s theme be, I wonder?


#TodayIGifted No. 12: Group Baby Gift for a Co-worker


A co-worker and his wife recently welcomed their first child, a daughter, last month. Thanks to the whole team’s generous contributions, I was able to get some presents on behalf of all of us that the new parents loved.

While female colleagues usually receive their baby gifts before they go on maternity leave, new fathers often don’t have parental leave booked in advance. Rather than giving presents to be used in the short newborn period, the products that I chose can be given three or four weeks after she is born, and used later in baby’s first year.

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#TodayIGifted No. 10 – Cards for the Baby Boom 2014

A couple of nights ago, I wrote a list of all the people I know who are expecting additions to their family this year.

In total, there were 10 couples who have made announcements (or are due any day now). Ten!

Naturally, the next thing I did was create a spreadsheet outlining who was expecting, whether we knew they were having a boy or girl, and planning our baby cards and gifts. In less than 2 hours, I’d spent over $400 on letterpress cards from Etsy retailers and presents at online stores around the world.

The cards

For the cool mums:
Some friendships are less about the baby and more about bonding over the pregnancy experience with the expectant mother (sorry kiddo). These cards are perfect for those friendships.

This card by littlelow caught my eye months ago and had already been pinned to my Great for Gifts Pinterest board waiting for the right pregnant lady to come along. My only criticism is that the postage cost to send the card from the US to Australia is more expensive than other Etsy sellers of letterpress cards, but on the other hand, littlelow was one of the first sellers to post my order (within 24 hours).

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#TodayIReceived No. 7

Drumroll please! And the favourite toy of the season was…Mimmy’s first Lalaloopsy doll!


We don’t have cable or Nick Jr and stumbled onto Lalaloopsy by chance this year on YouTube, but there was a period where The Search for Pillow was on loop and we were hearing quotes from the movie all the time.

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